“Checkpoint MSM EHPV”

Goal of the project: to prevent the spread of HIV / hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections among gays and other MSMs in Estonia by establishing a community center with effective referral system between national and non-governmental HIV services.

The project objectives are:

1. Increase MSM access to counseling, self – testing, and treatment as well as mental, social and legal assistance.

2. Increase MSM awareness of HIV, its treatment and other sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Contribute to preventing new HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among MSM in Estonia.

4. Increase MSM awareness about PrEP and PEP.

5. Develop cooperation between state and local government, non-governmental organizations to fight stigma and discrimination towards MSM and PLHIV and reduce the consequences of HIV and other STIs.

Project activities: Conducting by peer-to-peer consultants, doctors and other specialists different event that could increase awareness about HIV infection, hepatitis C and B, as well as other STIs.

Providing the access for MSM to condoms, lubricants, self-testing kits, and information notes on men’s health.

Strengthen collaboration between state and local governments, non-governmental organizations to combat stigma and discrimination against MSM and PLHIV, through common activities.

“Checkpoint MSM EHPV provides access to free condoms, lubricants and HIV self-test kits, as well as information about any topic related to men’s health. Also, our experts will help you find answers to your questions at our thematic meetings.

Checkpoint MSM EHPV is a volunteer initiative for everyone to share their experiences in a safe and friendly atmosphere. In our center, everyone can find help — anonymously and free of charge from Monday to Saturday. The center opened its doors on May 18, immediately after the end of the quarantine.”

For additional information contact:

+372 5870 6070 (Latsin)

+372 5918 4194 (Deniss)

+372 5781 6023 (Sagib)

Tallinn, Rävala pst 8-1014

e-mail: checkpoint@ehpv.ee

We introduce a new visual style created by Noit, a development and design studio.

As part of the “MSM Checkpoint EHPV” project, supported by the Elton John Foundation and the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV, we have developed a series of banners that inform about the important services provided by MSM EHPV checkpoints in Estonia.

Furthermore, in the near future, we will be pleased to present an informational resource dedicated to HIV prevention before and after potential exposure (PrEP and PEP) as well as an animated video about the operations of MSM checkpoints in Estonia.

The foundation of our concept is to encourage men engaging in sexual relationships with men to prioritize their health and take care of their partners’ health. We emphasize the importance of testing and treatment, the use of PrEP and PEP, access to condoms, and the provision of information and support.

This project aims to have a significant impact on the MSM community in Estonia, promoting a healthier lifestyle and HIV prevention.