The NGO EHPV TRAINING CENTER was registered in 2022 on the basis of the community organization «Estonian Network of People Living with HIV», which has been providing various types of services in various areas for over 17 years (more details can be found here: ). Network employees are experts in their field in peer, social and psychological counseling, accompaniment, writing and project management, organizing trainings and education for adults and youth. The training center specializes in the transfer of existing knowledge and experience. The network’s specialists have experience working with various target groups: people with disabilities, people with addictions, children and adolescents, refugees.

The priority of the training center is to help in finding a job. The task of the training center is to help you adapt and find a specialty that will make you in demand on the Estonian labor market.

The training center offers training in Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian and English in a contact and distance format.

Center offices are open in Narva, Jõhvi and Tallinn.

The Center is an educational institution offering services based on the Adult Education Act (TÄKS ).

The training center bases its activities on the Adult Training Act, the guidance material for adult further training quality assurance for adult further training institutions, the guidance material for the preparation of the further training curriculum, the statutes and the foundations of educational organization.