Find The Missing Millions

Ülemaailmne hepatiidipäev – Всемирный день борьбы с гепатитом – World hepatitis day

Kogu maailmas on 290 miljonit inimest enda teadmata nakatunud viirushepatiiti. Kuni diagnoosimata inimesi ei leita ja neid raviteenustele ei suunata, jätkuvad miljonite inimeste kannatused ja kaotsi lähevad miljonid elud. 28. juulil, ülemaailmsel hepatiidipäeval kutsume inimesi kogu maailmas üles astuma samme ja tõstma teadlikkust selle nimel, et leida üles nood “kadumaläinud miljonid”.

Worldwide, 290 million people are living with viral hepatitis unaware. Without finding the undiagnosed and linking them to care, millions will continue to suffer, and lives will be lost. On World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, we call on people from across the world to take action and raise awareness to find the “missing millions”.

New project – “Protection through Mobility: An Emergency Response to Hostility”

From July 2020 EHPV starting to implement the project “Protection through Mobility: An Emergency Response to Hostility”. The project aims to create protection mechanisms and ensure access to healthcare services according to the highest attainable standards of physical and mental health for MSM and trans people, including those HIV+, who experienced SOGI-based state-sponsored prosecutions in the Caucasus region of Russia, as well as Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The aim is to be achieved by unveiling and spreading information on lawful migration channels from a beneficiary’s country of residence (Russia, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan) to Estonia by advocating for granting entry visas to Estonia on humanitarian grounds. Respective cases of human rights violations would be documented upon arrival and applied in advocacy for improving legal and factual environments in respective countries by submitting alternative reports to UN treaty bodies. Access to HIV and other healthcare services for displaced MSM and trans people would be improved by creating a clear and state-approved procedure for gaining access to antiretroviral therapy in Estonia for newly arrived MSM and trans people.

EHPV joined the regional AIDS Action Europe network

Last week, the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV (EHPV) joined the regional AIDS Action Europe network, becoming one of the 61 participating countries. AIDS Action Europe’s top priorities are strengthening civil society to tackle the HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis epidemics in Europe and Central Asia.

Membership of the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV will represent the interests of the Estonian PLHIV community at the European level. We can also count on the support of the European community in the processes that are taking place in our country.

Kulbaev Sagib will represent EHPV at AIDS Action Europe. Cooperation is designed for the next three years with the possibility of extension.

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“Nothing for us without us” – the year has passed for the Center of Estonian North-East Communities.

“Nothing for us without us” – the New Community Center in North-East Estonia celebrates first year of its activities.

On May 24, 2019, the Community Center, established by the NGO “Estonian Network of PLHIV” NGOs ( and the NGO LUNEST ( at Jõhvi, Rakvere 5a) opened its doors. For the first time in Estonia, a unique center has been created in which services are provided to several key groups and managed by community representatives. Various projects with the support of the National Institute for Health Development (TAI) made it possible the creation of the center. Undoubtedly, the emergence of the center helped to get closer to the real changes, first of all, with regard to the life of people at risk.

According to the organizers of the center:

“Nowadays there are so many challenges – the lack of stable funding, attacks on communities, there is an atmosphere of prejudice and tension in society towards HIV-positive people and people who use drugs and psychoactive substances, representatives of LGBT people. The fundamental principles for our solidarity are equality and freedom.

We can change the world for the better in solidarity, not in confrontation.”

As part of the communities development, emphasis has been placed on health and socially significant diseases, the rights to prevention, treatment and support. The Estonian network of PLHIV and LUNEST continue to hope for the state support, because all mentioned activities are the bases principles of the new Estonian HIV strategic plan. Protection of rights should be the strategical goal for the nearest future, advocacy of the people’s interests, services development by communities and for communities.

Despite of difficult situation in Estonia and in other parts of the world, we should respect equality, it is necessary to oppose any discrimination! Estonian society should be equal for everyone.

Equality should be based on universal values, humanism and law principles.

Nowadays, there are so many situation that distancing people, there is an attack on solidarity. But only basing on the united community power we can achieve  real changes!

Checkpoint MSM

The new order of COVID-19 pandemic is demanding more HIV-related service among the risk groups. In this regards, the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV (EHPV) is arranging a new initiative “Checkpoint MSM EHPV”, which will provide services to men who have sex with men(MSM).

The main goals of Checkpoint MSM EHPV are:

1. Increase MSM access to counseling, testing, and treatment as well as mental and social assistance.

2. Increase MSM awareness of HIV, its treatment and other sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Contribute to preventing new HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among MSM in Estonia.

4. Increase MSM awareness about PrEP and PEP.

5. Develop cooperation between state and local government, non-governmental organizations to fight stigma and discrimination towards MSM and PLHIV and reduce the consequences of HIV and other STIs.

In Checkpoint MSM EHPV there is access for free condoms, lubricants, HIV self-test kits, as well as information about any topic related to men’s health. Also, our experts will help you to find answers to your questions at our thematic meetings.

Checkpoint MSM EHPV is a volunteer initiative where everyone can share their experiences in safe and friendly atmosphere. In our center, everyone could find help – anonymously and free of charge from Monday to Saturday. The center will open its doors on May 18, immediately after the removal of quarantine.

For additional information contact:

+372 5870 6070 (Latsin), +372 5918 4194 (Deniss), +372 5781 6023 (Sagib)

Tallinn, Rävala pst. 8-1014


“Chase the Virus, Not People!”, join the virtual candlelight memorial on May 17th.

The Estonian Network of People Living with HIV (, on the eve of International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of May, addresses residents of Estonia, the government and municipalities of cities.

We all live through difficult times. We know that COVID-19 is a serious disease that has affected the country. Experience gained from the HIV epidemic can also be used to combat COVID-19.

We urge you to pay attention to people affected by COVID-19 who need our support. As it was with AIDS response, governments must work with communities to find solutions on local level.

Government, ministries, municipalities, and the population itself must respect the rights and dignity of people affected by COVID-19. Key populations should not bear the brunt of stigma and discrimination as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forty years of fighting the HIV epidemic is an experience based on human rights and community orientation, which are key points in the fight against any epidemic. Building trust between affected communities, government, and the health system is also needed to effectively and quickly respond to the rapid spread of the pandemic.

We can say that viruses have captured our consciousness and our lives, but not the virus itself is important, but its consequences – stigma and discrimination. When the people infected by such “viruses”, it becomes important for us: what is your skin color, gender, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, the presence of a disease, etc. At the same time, the deeper the virus penetrates our consciousness, the more it forces to manifest: bias, injustice, violence. As a result, stigmatized person is left alone with his problem.

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day, is one of the oldest and largest mobilization campaigns in the world to raise public awareness of HIV and AIDS in the world, serves as an important means of global solidarity, breaking down barriers of stigma and discrimination and giving hope to new generations.

The HIV epidemiological situation in Estonia continues to be difficult. The persistent high incidence of HIV infection, the steady growth rate of new infections, the increase in the total number of HIV-infected people, the “growing up” of the infection and its activation in the general population due to the increase in sexual transmission are real today. Over the years in Estonia, 10129 people were diagnosed with HIV, including 567 people with AIDS.

Modern medicine have allowed HIV infection to pass from the category of fatal to chronic. Having started treatment with antiretroviral drugs in time, and following all the doctor’s instructions, people living with HIV live a long and full life. There is no cure for AIDS, but there is an opportunity to slow down its development. As Estonia has access to antiretroviral therapy, HIV / AIDS must be seen as a disease, not a death sentence. But even now, death from AIDS arises due to the fact that an HIV-positive person is not able to receive specialized medical services and antiretroviral treatment on time.

Our common vision is zero new HIV cases, zero discrimination against people living with HIV and zero AIDS-related deaths, but this requires investment, open and honest dialogue about it between the government and society. When we recognize the scale of the effects of viruses on our lives, we will seek to minimize the risk of contracting them.

The Estonian Network of PLHIV ( together with its strategic partners, ECOM (, as well as the Estonian Consortium community (, VEK LGBT (, LUNEST ( in framework of the campaign “Chase the virus, not people!” (www. joins every person who cares about the fate of people who have died of AIDS. To support everyone who has lost relatives, friends and acquaintances, and also pray for those who are no longer with us. Since the epidemic of the 80s, more than 32 million people have died from AIDS and AIDS-related diseases, which caused irreparable losses, millions of people were left orphans and even more – with broken destinies. International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day first time was celebrated in 1983, after several years of fighting an unknown virus at that time. On this day, we want everyone to think about the fact that HIV infection can affect everyone and personally me.

On the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day, we want to recall one more time that the human right to health is the basic right of every person. And no one has the right to deprive it! We wish, as never before, to mobilize all our efforts to eradicate stigma and discrimination, violation of human rights and bring a clear understanding that we are all vulnerable.

We hope that the COVID-19 pandemic, since the HIV epidemic did not quite cope with this at the time, will change the attitude generally to any problems in society related with viruses. It is very important to support those who are trying to confront these problems, regardless of the situation, age, gender, etc. It has long been clear to the PLHIV community that viruses do not forgive a frivolous attitude towards them. We hope that on this day this awareness will come to you.

Join us to light a candle for memory of people who died from AIDS and COVID-19.

1. Light a memorial candle on the terrace, balcony, garden or wherever it is comfortable for you

2. Remember and pray for relatives, friends, acquaintances who have died of AIDS or COVID-19

3. Share your memory and photos with us on social networks and do not forget to tag us #ehpv or @ EHPV – Estonian HIV-Positive Network.

Info:     +372 5870 6070 (in Russian)
             +372 5557 8131 (in Estonian)
             +372 5781 6023 (in English)


Estonian Network of PLHIV.

Chase the virus, not people!

The COVID-19 pandemic has identified a new development vector not only for healthcare, but for all aspects of the civil society. Throughout the pandemic, violations of human rights, especially the right to health, have been observed daily, highlighting the features that are common to problems related to both COVID-19 and the HIV infection.

From the beginning of May to the end of August of 2020, the Estonian network of PLHIV takes part in the campaign “Chase the virus, not people!” with the support of Robert Carr Fund for civil society Networks. The main goal of the project is to highlight the problems of people living with HIV related to stigma, discrimination and violation of their rights.

The project includes events dedicated to the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day in Tallinn, Jõhvi and Narva. Also, a video about the problems of the PLHIV in Estonia will be created as a result of the project.

The campaign “Chase the virus, not people!” was launched at the international AIDS2018 conference in Amsterdam to attract the attention of the world community to stigma and discrimination against key populations as the main barrier to an effective HIV response in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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