Our mission

We are a union of PLHIV organizations, an inspiring and developing resource in promoting communities of people living with HIV as leaders, as well as equal and professional partners responsible for overcoming the HIV/AIDS epidemic at the level of countries and the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Our goal

To increase via effective partnership and active advocacy efforts the influence of the PLHIV community on improving access to timely, comprehensive and quality treatment, care and support for adults and children living with HIV in EECA countries.

Our values

  • We are like-minded people who unite the community of PLWH in the EECA region. We believe that every person living with HIV should have equal access to quality treatment as well as social and medical services, regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion, race, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, and any other characteristics, based on which people can be discriminated.
  • We are an association of organizations, open to cooperation with any public, state and commercial organizations that share the mission, vision and values of ECUO (Eastern European and Central Asian Union of People Living with HIV).
  • Since we strive towards responsible partnership, transparency of our activities is one of the most important criteria for our work.
  • We are developing the PLHIV community through the transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise, training and practice, in order to use a highly professional approach to work based on personal experience.


The strategic plan was developed on the basis of the ECUO Regional Strategy for Achieving Sustainable and Universal Access to Quality ARV Treatment for HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and includes revised and updated tasks. It was decided that:

  • We are striving for responsible partnership, therefore transparency of activities is one of the most important criteria of our work.
  • We are developing the PLHIV community through the transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise, training and practice, in order to use a highly professional approach to work based on personal experience.

What are we doing?

Being directly affected by the HIV epidemic and personally interested in overcoming it, we are actively and honestly cooperating with the government, international organizations and civil society, talking about existing obstacles, offering solutions, and are ready to participate in their implementation, applying our knowledge and experience.

We promote best practices and initiatives, implement international declarations and actively participate in the formation of policies that are in the interests of PLHIV.

We establish ties and develop cooperation between communities and organizations of PLHIV, as well as with other structures of civil society.

We strengthen the capacity of PLHIV communities by providing technical, financial and political support.

We develop leadership in countering the HIV / AIDS epidemic both within the PLHIV community and in the external environment.

Believe and hope!

These days, filled with genuine, nothing undisguised grief from the loss of loved ones, friends of comrades-in-arms, you are acutely aware that it is impossible to get used to this … I understand that there will be a lot of grief … the rest of my life “, as it was said in some movie … the rest …
In our society, it is customary to avoid topics related to losses and, as a rule, people are left alone with trouble .. At the same time, I am grateful who responded and did not pass us by … Low bow to all of you.
Today, let there be bright sadness with us, these are memories filled with light, hope and faith in the future … we must live on! As they say, times are not chosen, we had to live in different eras that made us cry and laugh, and also think about life, death and love. In the morning, I unexpectedly received greetings in the form of this disc, which was released by the ECUO EHPV back in 2008 …
Thank you for reminding us of the existence of our long-standing international ART project. But we have our own song “Believe and Hope!”, Which took place thanks to our joint work. Much time has passed, but in my heart and soul there is Faith and Hope that we can still definitely see each other together.

NGO Estonian Network of People Living with HIV

Legal address:

Õismäe tee 36-8, 13511 Tallinn,Estonia

Registration code: 80227321

Information: +372 5870 6070

Information telephone of the training center: +372 5557 8131

Account number: EE791010220049892010, SEB Bank

Our locations:

— Tallinn, Rävala pst 8-1014

— Tallinn, Niine 2, EHPV counselling office at the Refugee Centre

— Tartu, Kalevi tn 51

— Jõhvi, — Jõhvi, Rakvere tn 4

— Narva, Linda 4 (endine „Baltijets“), 6th floor

e-mail: ehpv@ehpv.ee