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Ülemaailmne hepatiidipäev – Всемирный день борьбы с гепатитом – World hepatitis day

Kogu maailmas on 290 miljonit inimest enda teadmata nakatunud viirushepatiiti. Kuni diagnoosimata inimesi ei leita ja neid raviteenustele ei suunata, jätkuvad miljonite inimeste kannatused ja kaotsi lähevad miljonid elud. 28. juulil, ülemaailmsel hepatiidipäeval kutsume inimesi kogu maailmas üles astuma samme ja tõstma teadlikkust selle nimel, et leida üles nood “kadumaläinud miljonid”. Worldwide, 290 million people […]

New project – “Protection through Mobility: An Emergency Response to Hostility”

From July 2020 EHPV starting to implement the project “Protection through Mobility: An Emergency Response to Hostility”. The project aims to create protection mechanisms and ensure access to healthcare services according to the highest attainable standards of physical and mental health for MSM and trans people, including those HIV+, who experienced SOGI-based state-sponsored prosecutions in […]

EHPV joined the regional AIDS Action Europe network

Last week, the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV (EHPV) joined the regional AIDS Action Europe network, becoming one of the 61 participating countries. AIDS Action Europe’s top priorities are strengthening civil society to tackle the HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis epidemics in Europe and Central Asia. Membership of the Estonian Network […]

Checkpoint MSM

The new order of COVID-19 pandemic is demanding more HIV-related service among the risk groups. In this regards, the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV (EHPV) is arranging a new initiative “Checkpoint MSM EHPV”, which will provide services to men who have sex with men(MSM). The main goals of Checkpoint MSM EHPV are: 1. […]

“Chase the Virus, Not People!”, join the virtual candlelight memorial on May 17th.

The Estonian Network of People Living with HIV (www.ehpv.ee), on the eve of International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of May, addresses residents of Estonia, the government and municipalities of cities. We all live through difficult times. We know that COVID-19 is a serious disease that has affected […]

Chase the virus, not people!

The COVID-19 pandemic has identified a new development vector not only for healthcare, but for all aspects of the civil society. Throughout the pandemic, violations of human rights, especially the right to health, have been observed daily, highlighting the features that are common to problems related to both COVID-19 and the HIV infection. From the […]

Open Letter

On behalf of representatives of the HIV-communities, we express our support to all measures that are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Despite the fact that the effect of COVID-19 on the general condition of people living with HIV has not yet been fully proven, COVID is already a concern for HIV-positive population. From […]

Happy Birthday!

15 years ago…. in suburbs of Narva in Laagna it was decided to create the Network of PLHIV by the group of activists. Stay healthy! Take care of yourself and those who around! Happy Birthday! Be healthy! #Estonia #EHPV #PLWHIV 01.04.2005 #Anno