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Festheart Festival in Tartu and Rakvere

Autumn in Estonia promises to be a season filled with cultural events, and one of the most anticipated among them is the Festheart Festival, which will take place in Tartu and Rakvere. This film arts festival promises to offer unique cinematic experiences to its audience. The Festheart Festival stands out for its richness and diversity. […]


Given as few as six times per year, cabotegravir has demonstrated superior efficacy to a daily oral PrEP option (FTC/TDF tablets) in reducing the risk of HIV acquisition in clinical trials.1,2,3,4 With approximately 100,000 people newly diagnosed with HIV each year in Europe,5 expanding HIV prevention options is crucial in reducing HIV transmission. London, 19 September […]

Cell reports medicine

Highlights • Venetoclax delays viral rebound in a humanized mouse model of HIV infection • Venetoclax depletes intact HIV DNA ex vivo in cells from people living with HIV on ART • The HIV reservoir is enriched in cells with higher expression of BH3-only proteins Summary HIV-1 persists indefinitely in people living with HIV (PLWH) on antiretroviral therapy […]

Introducing the Baltic Refugee Support Hub!

🌟 Introducing the Baltic Refugee Support Hub! 🌍🤝 In the wake of russian aggression and invasion of Ukraine in 2022, a wave of refugees found their way to the shores of Europe, seeking safety and solace. The numbers were staggering – over 8 million refugees across Europe, with more than 500,000 finding refuge in the […]


Foreword This report makes clear that there is a path to end AIDS. Taking that path will help ensure preparedness to address other pandemic challenges, and advance progress across the Sustainable Development Goals. The data and case studies in the report make it very clear what that path is. It is not a mystery. It […]

Eкскурсія групи з України до Морського музею

Сьогодні відбулася екскурсія групи з України до Морського музею. За підтримки Pagulasabi Пізнавальна, чаруюча та захоплююча! Це про екскурсію нашої групи до Морського музею. Скільки приємних вражень від побаченого та почутого від екскурсовода! Море, кораблі, старовинний маяк наче частина колодязя, пришвартований криголам. А в приміщенні музею наші враження набули ще більших емоцій. Історичні факти, експонати […]

Summer School on Migrant Health in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The work of EHPV and Baltic HUB were presented as best practices during “Summer School on Migrant Health in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”. We had the incredible opportunity to participate in the “Summer School on Migrant Health in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” held in Yerevan, Armenia on August 21-22, 2023. This event, organized […]

HIV statistics

2023. As of 16 August, 99 people have been diagnosed with HIV in Estonia. Over the years, 10,681 people have been diagnosed with HIV in Estonia. https://www.terviseamet.ee/et/nakkushaigused-menuu/tervishoiutootajale/nakkushaigustesse-haigestumine/hiv-ja-aids