World TB Day

The TB community stands in solidarity with the people affected by COVID-19. This World TB Day we support the fight against the new pandemic, share our lessons, experiences and tools so that united we can defeat it. We want to remind global leaders the urgency to invest in better and more resilient health systems, today more than ever we realise the need to end endemics like TB or COVID-19.
See below some social media messages that you can help amplify and bring attention to the fight to end infectious diseases like TB and COVID-19.
To #FightCOVID19, we can use the tools needed to #EndTB: infection control, artificial intelligence, x-rays, contact tracing, telemedicine and psycho-social support.
We at @StopTB call on global leaders to join forces to protect people affected by TB and especially vulnerable populations from #COVID19. It’s time to ensure we #LeaveNooneBehind.
Years of under-investment made #tuberculosis and its drug resistant forms the biggest infectious disease killer with over 4000 deaths per day. We can’t afford to repeat these mistakes and be unprepared for pandemics like #COVID19.
Most TB survivors have gone through the isolation, fear, discrimination and stigma that we are facing with #COVID19. Let’s hear their voices and learn resilience from them. #ItsTimeToEndTB
Healthcare workers are at the center of the fight against diseases such as #tuberculosis or #COVID19. We at @StopTB applaud their efforts and call on the TB community to show their support! #ItsTimeToEndTB
It’s time to recognize that people with #TB are vulnerable to #COVID19, including prisoners, migrants, people living with #HIV, those who are malnourished, living in poverty & others, and ensure access to TB diagnostics, treatment, care and support.