World AIDS Day


We are all going through difficult times

2020 will remain in everyone’s memory for a long time. Starting with a child, who spent a long time in front of the screen, listening to the history teacher through Zoom, how the world works, and ending with an old lady, whom we will not see for a long time, walking in the park with her dog. History shows that viruses have always been and very often have a detrimental effect on humanity, but it also demonstrates the shortcomings and gaps of our society.

COVID-19 and HIV infection are two different diseases, but their consequences affect everyone in the same way. But despite all this and the experience gained during the HIV pandemic, unfortunately, is neglected and sometimes by everyone. Our community has learned to live with viruses, now everybody have to learn the basic things, such as respect for the health of others, respect for human rights, regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status, etc. But one thing is clear from all this, that only active involvement of the people in the fight against the virus and their consequences will save humanity as a whole.

December 1 – World AIDS Day was first proclaimed by WHO since 1988 and since that time we have achieved a lot, but the most important thing is that modern medicine have already allowed HIV infection to move from the category of fatal to the category of chronic diseases. By starting antiretroviral therapy on time and following all the doctor’s prescriptions, people living with HIV can live long and full lives. There is no cure for AIDS, but it is possible to slow down its development. Since there is access to antiretroviral therapy in Estonia, HIV / AIDS must be viewed as a disease and not as a death sentence.

When we realize the magnitude of the impact of viruses on our lives, we will strive to minimize the risk of contracting them. But for this there is still a lot to do. First, we need an open dialogue, where we can find the right solution. Secondly, investments are needed, and not small ones, which will facilitate the fate of every Estonian.

On World AIDS Day, we want to remind once again that the human right to health is a basic right of each of us. And no one has the right to deprive us of it! We wish, more than ever before, to mobilize all our efforts to eradicate stigma and discrimination, violations of human rights and to bring a clear understanding that we are all vulnerable.

We hope that the COVID-19 pandemic, since the HIV epidemic did not quite cope with this in its time, will change the attitude in general to any problems in society associated with viruses. It is very important to support those who are trying to confront these problems, regardless of the situation, age, gender, etc.

To increase public awareness of the real HIV situation, to destroy myths and stereotypes surrounding HIV, and to support acceptance and create a favorable environment for PLHIV, the Estonian Network of PLHIV produced a film featuring Tatiana Kosmynina: “I am positive. HIV positive 2020. “, which reflects our life.

Involvement of famous people, whose tolerant attitude and attention to HIV and AIDS can be an example and influence social norms and behavior. Celebrities have a significant impact not only by drawing attention to issues related to stigma and discrimination in the context of HIV, but also shaping public attitudes towards People Living with HIV.

Join us on December 1st to show your support in the fight against viruses and to honor the people who have died from AIDS and COVID-19.

1. Light a memorial candle on the terrace, balcony, garden or wherever it suits you

2. Remember and pray for relatives, friends, acquaintances who died from AIDS or COVID-19

3. Share your memory and photo with us on social networks and do not forget to tag us with #ehpv or @ EHPV – Eesti HIV-positiivsete võrgustik


December 1, 2020
Lighting candles in the form of a ribbon of tolerance and in memory of people who died of AIDS
Time and place: 15:00, in front of the Superministry building, Suur-Ameerika 1


December 1, 2020
Lighting candles in the form of a ribbon of tolerance and in memory of people who died of AIDS
Time and place: 12:00, Petrovskaya square


December 1, 2020
Lighting candles in the form of a ribbon of tolerance and in memory of people who died of AIDS
Time and place: 12:00, Central Square

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Chase stigma, not people!

Estonian Network of PLHIV.