World AIDS Day

This year Estonian Network of PLHIV celebrates World AIDS Day for the 14th time.
On that day, we remember everyone who died of AIDS and gather all those who need our support. Unfortunately, today we still cannot say that AIDS is defeated.

In his message to World AIDS Day, Winnie Byanyima, UNAIDS Executive Director and United Nations Under-Secretary-General, talks about the role of communities in their daily struggle:

I believe in communities.

Communities make change happen.

Communities are the best hope for ending AIDS because communities have fought against HIV right from the beginning! 

On this World AIDS Day, UNAIDS pays tribute to the achievements of activists and communities in their response to HIV. We remember and honor all those who are lost along the way. Activists rebelled against silence and attracted vital assistance to their communities. However, the immeasurable contribution of women and many other people will never replace the responsibility of the states.

Let us remind you that states have committed to fund communities at least 30% for the provision of HIV services.

Also, agreed that 6% of all funding for the HIV response should be aimed at mobilizing society.

Let’s be honest – the protection of human rights, the fight against discrimination, criminalization and stigma today are associated with risk.

Therefore, we urge states to provide activists with optimal opportunities for their work.
Community stands that if nations keep their promise, we will eradicate AIDS. ”

On this day, the Estonian network of PLHIV wants to highlight the wish of interaction with society in order to take constructive dialogues with all people, make decisions and become more visible to the entire state.

We are ready to become a reliable partner to the state in achieving our common goal: protecting rights and providing comprehensive support to the community and all people living with HIV in our country.

We invite all our partners, activists, friends, volunteers and government representatives on November 30 and December 1 to take part in our events.


December 1, 2019

Candlelight in memory of people who died of AIDS Time and place: 13:00, Tammsaare park

KIHK, a play about unconditional love and HIV
Time and place: 17.00, Etendused Apollo Kino Ülemiste Teatrisaal (Suur-Sõjamäe 4)

Additional information and tickets:

Julia Alo, +372 5340 0530



November 30, 2019

Workshop on “HIV: in simple words”
Time and place: 11:00, American Space in the Central Library of Narva (Malmi 8)

Additional Information:

Jekaterina Smirnova, +372 5557 8131


December 1, 2019

Candlelight in memory of people who died of AIDS
Time and place: 13:00, Petrovskaya square

Additional Information:

Tatyana Karpushova, +372 5300 4074


With support of:

American Space

Central Library of Narva

City of Tallinn