HIV statistics 2024

As 02.2024, 20-HIV-infected persons have been diagnosed in Estonia.

A total of 10 804 people have been diagnosed with HIV in Estonia over the years.

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World TB Day 2024 is: Yes! We Can End TB


The theme of World TB Day 2024 is: Yes! We Can End TB

World TB Day, falling on March 24th each year, is designed to build public awareness that tuberculosis today remains an epidemic in much of the world, causing the deaths of nearly one-and-a-half million people each year, mostly in developing countries. It commemorates the day in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch astounded the scientific community by announcing that he had discovered the cause of tuberculosis, the TB bacillus. At the time of Koch’s announcement in Berlin, TB was raging through Europe and the Americas, causing the death of one out of every seven people. Koch’s discovery opened the way towards diagnosing and curing TB.

Successfully conducted HIV testing at Xbaar!


On March 15th, the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV and the National Institute for Health Development successfully conducted HIV testing at Xbaar!

📅 Every second Friday of the month, HIV testing is available at Xbaar! Don’t miss the chance to check your health!

We invite you to join our fight for a healthy future! Remember, health is our most valuable asset!

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When meeting with a journalist

When meeting with a journalist… Shameema Binte Rahman #ERR Freelance Writer – Art Critic – Various art magazines

Experienced journalist with a demonstrated history of working in the print, broadcast, and online media industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization …

Such a dialogue is more than merely a conversation over issues of importance – it lies at the very core of our EHPV  existence. This is a very frank story about important things. 1. This article is about the health of a man’s… It’s undoubtedly, to worry about the health of their family and other loved ones, it is very important. 2. Estonia can be proud that we now have one of the most progressive equal marriage bills in the world, and that we’ve sent out a strong message about the kind of country we are. The Marriage Equality Act puts this fundamental principle and human right into law. It makes the case for investment in health and creating societies where health is valued.’

EMIS: European Men-who-have-sex-with-men and trans* people Internet Survey 2024

Welcome to EMIS, the largest ever survey of men who are attracted to men.
This wave of EMIS has also been expanded for the first time to invite transgender women and non-binary people who feel sexually attracted to men to take part in the survey.

Please take part if you are a man (cis or trans*), a trans* woman or a non-binary person…

  • who has sex with men
  • who is attracted to other men
  • who thinks they might have sex with men in the future

Link to survey


On International Women’s Day, UNAIDS calls for protecting women’s rights to protect their health

GENEVA, 6 March 2024— Ahead of International Women’s Day, celebrated on 8 March, UNAIDS is calling for the protection of women’s rights to protect their health.

The world is way off track to meet the gender, equality and HIV targets that are part of the Sustainable Development Goals. At the current rate of progress, it will take an estimated 300 years to end child marriage, 140 years for women to be represented equally in positions of power and leadership in the workplace, and 47 years to achieve equal representation in national parliaments.

In addition, around the world at least five women or girls are killed every hour by someone in their own family. One in three women worldwide experience sexual or gender-based violence.

Women who experience violence are more at risk of acquiring HIV. This risk is heightened for the 600 million women and girls who live in the world’s conflict-affected countries, facing an increased danger of sexual violence. And in the majority of the world’s poorest countries, the debt crisis is squeezing out investment in education, health, and social protection, particularly hurting women and girls.

Women are further threatened by the organized pushback against women’s rights. “Today, women’s hard-won rights are under a globally coordinated, ruthless attack. Those facing the most vicious attack are already the most marginalized women,” said Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS. “The injustices faced by women are not natural disasters to prepare for, like hurricanes or storms. They are man-made, and, as such, we can unmake them.”

The good news is that across the world, women and girls are leading struggles for equality and rights. Women are standing up against oppression in their homes, workplaces, and communities. Women’s movements are providing direct support to women and girls who face violence, and marching and striking for equality. To protect women’s rights, it is vital to support and resource these community organizations, civil society groups and women’s organizations—the frontline defenders of those rights.

Like justice, health is never given, it is won.

UNAIDS’ call this International Women’s Day, is to protect women and girls’ health, protect women and girls’ rights. In doing so, the world will end AIDS, and will overcome the inequalities driving it.


Last week we hosted an international seminar  “The wellbeing of Ukrainian refugees in need of HIV and TB care” in the old building of the Sorbonne university.

Last week we hosted an international seminar  “The wellbeing of Ukrainian refugees in need of HIV and TB care” in the old building of the Sorbonne university.

Seminar highlights:

– both academic and civil society-based researchers in equal proportions took part in the two-day agenda, including Ukrainian refugees;

– we discussed health services for Ukrainian refugees in 6 receiving countries of Europe – both high and middle income;

– how we can analyse migration of Ukrainian refugees in the wider European context of refugee health and migration policy;

– what research tools are applicable for sentitive populations such as vulnerable groups among migrants and refugees;

– research ethics and researchers’ positionality.

Participants from the following organisations took part in the seminar: Cermes3 and the CEPED  (Center for Research of Population and Development) of the Université Paris Cité, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Альянс громадського здоров’я Alliance for Public Health, «100% життя» – Мережа ЛЖВ, TB Europe Coalition, UNAIDS Eastern Europe and Central Asia, EHPV – Eesti HIV-positiivsete võrgustik, IOS Regensburg, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, University of Helsinki.

The seminar was funded by ANRS and College de France.

Our recent meeting in Tallinn, Estonia marked a significant milestone in shaping the future of the Baltic Refugee Support Hub


BALTICHUB Strategy Planning Success!

Our recent meeting in Tallinn, Estonia marked a significant milestone in shaping the future of the Baltic Refugee Support Hub

Thanks to the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers, we successfully crafted a joint Strategic Plan and vision for 2024-2025. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland, and Poland are joining forces to provide comprehensive support to Ukrainian refugees in host countries.

Exciting discussions, insightful sessions, and collaborative efforts with local partners have paved the way for enhanced support to Ukrainian refugees. The meeting focused on expanding services, especially for vulnerable groups like HIV-positive individuals, children, and the LGBT+ community.

Our wonderful team:

Aldis Juksejs and Andris Veikenieks
From organisation Biedrības “AGIHAS”
Svetlana Kulšis and Jelena Kulsyte
From organisation “Demetra
Anni Maria Mattinen and Sini Pasanen
From organisation Positiiviset ry, HivFinland
Hanna Ariabinska
Poland / Ukraine
From organisation HelpNowHUB 
Kristin Marie Lauvstad Holland and Julia Semenova
From organisation Aksept and HIV Norge
Volodymyr Tsymbaliuk
From organisation Virus OFF – APH 
Latsin Alijev, Ekaterina Smirnova, Ekaterina Masslenikova, Krista Mägi, Aija Kala, Olha Heisulenko, Sergey Sisoev, Raul Lindemann, Iana Levman.

EHPV Estonia

Armen Aghajanov
Baltic HUB head manager


BalticHUB continues its mission to provide informational support on psycho-social, medical, social-economic, legal, and information assistance. Together, we’re building a more inclusive and supportive environment.

On this HIV Is Not A Crime Awareness Day


On this HIV Is Not A Crime Awareness Day, we call upon governments, policymakers, advocates, healthcare providers, and communities worldwide to take action!

Today, February 28th, the HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE coalition commemorate HIV is Not A Crime Awareness Day, as a Global Awareness Day for the first time, under the theme: “You care about ending HIV criminalisation, you just don’t know it yet”.

HIV Is Not A Crime Awareness Day was launched in the US two years ago by HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE founding partner, The SERO Project, in collaboration with the The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

We invite you to stand with us in solidarity and action as we strive to eliminate the unjust criminalisation of people based on their HIV-positive status.


#HIVisNotACrime #NotACriminal #communitiesfirst

HIV Justice Network Y+ Global ARASA ICW Global HIV Legal Network Positive Women’s Network – USA AIDS Action Europe Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS Harm Reduction International MPact Southern Africa Litigation Centre

emember that you can order a rapid HIV test and get it delivered straight to your home!

Remember that you can order a rapid HIV test and get it delivered straight to your home! 🏠💉 It’s convenient and safe. Your health is our top priority. Don’t postpone the test, take care of your health today! For ordering or additional information, contact us or follow the link: EHPV – Eesti HIV-positiivsete võrgustik