Side Effects of HIV Medicines

HIV and Diabetes

Last Reviewed: August 10, 2021

Key Points

  • Diabetes is a disease that develops when levels of glucose in the blood (also called blood sugar) are too high. There are different types of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type.
  • People with HIV are more likely to have type 2 diabetes than people without HIV. Risk factors for type 2 diabetes include being 45 years of age or older, having a family history of diabetes, and being overweight or obese.
  • People with HIV should have their blood glucose levels checked before they start taking HIV medicines. People with higher-than-normal glucose levels may need to avoid taking some HIV medicines.
  • A healthy diet and regular physical activity can help prevent, delay, or manage type 2 diabetes. In addition, there are also medicines that can help manage type 2 diabetes.

People with HIV may be at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Risk factors for type 2 diabetes include being 45 years of age or older, having a family history of diabetes, and being overweight or obese.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that develops when levels of glucose in the blood (also called blood sugar) are too high. Glucose comes from the breakdown of the foods we eat and is our main source of energy.

Over time, diabetes can cause serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye problems, and nerve damage.

There are different types of diabetes, including type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. This fact sheet discusses type 2 diabetes, which is the most common type of diabetes.

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World diabetes day 2023

World Diabetes Day is on 14 November 2023.

100 years ago, Frederick Banting and John Macleod won a Nobel Prize for discovering the treatment which has gone on to save millions of lives around the world – insulin.

Since then, our scientists have made incredible breakthroughs – from helping people with type 1 to make their own insulin, to putting type 2 into remission. And we’re getting closer to a cure every day.

All this has only been possible because of you. But there’s still more to do. This World Diabetes Day, will you help us stop diabetes forever?

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U.S. Aids Estonian Assistance Efforts for Ukrainian Refugees

The U.S. Embassy in Estonia announced today grant awards to three Estonian NGOs to help provide vital humanitarian assistance and services to Ukrainian refugees residing in Estonia, augmenting prior assistance provided via international organizations. The three awards total more than one million dollars in U.S. support and will supply crucial medical services for some of the refugee community’s most vulnerable members, as well as aid the Ukrainian population’s integration into Estonian society.

Over the past year, the U.S. Department of State has also provided funding totaling $1.25 million to the International Organization for Migration, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the World Health Organization for Estonia-based programming, bringing the overall total for Estonia-based programming for Ukrainian refugees to $2.31 million.

The United States recognizes the phenomenal magnanimity of the Estonian government and people in welcoming more Ukrainian refugees per capita than any other country in the world and wants to collaborate with local civil society organizations to help improve the lives of those seeking safe haven here.

“Since the start of Russia’s wider war against Ukraine in February 2022, Estonians have been incredibly generous to Ukrainians fleeing the conflict,” Ambassador George P. Kent remarked Friday while visiting the Estonian NGO Mondo, the recipient of the largest grant from the U.S. Government. “The United States is proud to join Estonian efforts to help provide Ukrainian refugees with much needed services and assistance until the war is won,” Kent added.

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ILGA-Europe conference

This year’s ILGA-Europe conference was held in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana from 25 to 28 October under the theme “Going Back to the Moment”.

Representatives of Estonian communities, including the Estonian Network of PLHIV, joined the conference in order to define the sustainability of the ILGA-Europe movement in the discussion. Conference 2023 #Coming back together #The event is held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar  #We look forward to all of our friends and activists exploring how to meet the challenging goals this broad European movement has taken upon itself. This year’s conference is built around the theme; “Rising to the moment”. It will allow us to continue to find new and successful ways to make political and social change in our countries in the region.” We are at a moment in history which is complex and is changing the way LGBTI activism happens. As LGBTI people are repeatedly targeted and instrumentalised as scapegoats by anti-democratic and anti-human rights forces, our communities are made more fragile, and the work of the LGBTI movement has become even heavier in too many places. And yet amidst these turbulent times, activists continue to find new and successful ways to make political and social change in their countries and in the region. From finding new ways to organise and work together, through filling gaps created by unresponsive governments, to all the many shifts in the right direction powered by our movement. We must remember that we are a force to be reckoned with. That we have already been shaping the world, and we’re going to continue this great and important work.

For that, and many other reasons, at ILGA-Europe, we are thrilled to be able to bring our movement together in one space again. We know how important it is for us all at this moment in time, and how much we need to experience connection, solidarity and inspiration, with and from each other.

Over these few days together, we will remind ourselves that we are passionate about this work, we take care of each other, and that we gain personal strength from the work we do, because it is about real change for real people. We will also show, as we have since the beginnings of our movement, that we are rising to the moment.“


HIV statistics

As 09.2023, 145-HIV-infected persons have been diagnosed in Estonia.
A total of 10 746 people have been diagnosed with HIV in Estonia over the years.
More information: from the link

BalticHUB: A Journey of Discoveries – Study Visits to Vilnius and Oslo

BalticHUB: A Journey of Discoveries – Study Visits to Vilnius and Oslo

In October, the Baltic HUB expanded its activities and conducted 2 study Visits. The BalticHUB study visits to Vilnius, Lithuania, and Oslo, Norway, have proven to be a remarkable journey of collaboration and learning. These visits were not just about exploring new horizons; they represented the planting of seeds for significant changes and the strengthening of bonds that will yield long-term results.

We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers, we are expanding the Baltic Hub infrastructure and activities to partner organizations in Lithuania and Norway. This expansion marks an exciting milestone in our journey to provide support for refugees in the region.

Valuable Lessons

In Vilnius, we delved into the work of Demetra, an organization renowned for its comprehensive support to individuals living with HIV, especially those belonging to marginalized groups, such as the vibrant LGBTQ+ community. The visit to Vilnius was a treasure trove of lessons. It shed light on innovative advocacy methods, support provision, and community engagement. Active idea exchange with Demetra became a significant achievement.

In Oslo, our path led us to three prominent organizations – HIVNorge (HIV Norway), Helseutvalget (Gay and Lesbian Health Norway), and the Church City Mission Aksept. It was a true journey of revelations, enriching our knowledge chest with gems. The visits to Oslo were enlightening and unveiled cutting-edge advocacy methods, clinical services, psychosocial support, and community integration. The importance of these visits cannot be overstated; they equip us with the tools to remain at the forefront of providing support.

Why It Matters

These study visits are central to BalticHUB’s mission, a mission born in response to the 2022 Ukrainian refugee crisis. From the outset, our goal has been clear – to provide unwavering support to Ukrainian refugees living with HIV, the vibrant LGBTQ+ community, and other vulnerable groups. Expanding our network to organizations from Estonia, Latvia, and Finland has changed the game. It strengthens our role as a vital mechanism for delivering much-needed services.

However, these study visits are not just about acquiring knowledge. They are fundamentally about collaboration. Active participation in discussions and dialogues with host organizations ensures that the knowledge gained does not remain in a vacuum. Instead, it adapts and tailors to the local context, ensuring relevance and practicality.

A Bright Future

The success of these study visits is a reflection of BalticHUB‘s unwavering commitment to its mission. As we continue to expand our network and prepare to deliver an even more positive impact on the lives of Ukrainian refugees, we are filled with hope for a brighter future. These study visits have been a significant step in our journey, ensuring that BalticHUB remains true to its mission and continues to be an oasis of support services.

Madonna’s Celebration Tour Pays Heart-Felt Tribute to Those Lost to AIDS

Madonna’s Celebration Tour Pays Heart-Felt Tribute to Those Lost to AIDS

With help from The AIDS Memorial, Madonna shows the HIV/AIDS community that she cares—and still carries her personal losses close.

The loss of colleagues, friends and lovers to #AIDS played a huge role in Madonna’s formative years.

She became a champion for people living with HIV.

She paid tribute to those who died in one of the most moving sequences of the #MadonnaCelebrationTour.

We carry them with us. Madonna has always been there for the HIV/AIDS community and she has been one of the most public of cheerleaders for those with a medical condition that lives off of silence, fear, stigma and shame. Over the weekend Madonna kicked off her Celebration Tour in London. In a concert that highlights music spanning her 40-year career, she took time to pay homage to the HIV/AIDS community by showing the faces of those we’ve lost. Pink News described the tribute:

“While singing in an open-air box that moved across the stage, pictures of those who lost their lives [to the epidemic] appeared on screens across the arena, including artists Keith Haring and Martin Burgoyne, photographer and director Herb Ritts, singer-songwriter Sylvester and legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

“Madonna, 65, embarked on the moving tribute after performing the comparatively upbeat dance hit ‘Holiday,’ which served as an anthem of respite for the LGBTQ+ community during the crisis.

“During the performance, one of the dancers surrounding Madonna dropped to the ground, as if lifeless. The singer then placed a sheet over the performer and transitioned into the moving rendition of ‘Live to Tell.’”

The images were submitted to and enshrined online by the AIDS Memorial, a beloved online resource where people pay tribute to loved ones by sharing some of the joys and struggles about HIV’s impact on their lives. #madonna #celebrationtour #sylvester #cookiemueller #robertmapplethorpe #AIDS

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17 October

2023 Theme

Decent Work and Social Protection: Putting dignity in practice for all

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, celebrated annually on October 17th, aims to promote understanding and dialogue between people living in poverty and the wider society. This year’s theme draws on first-hand testimonials showing that those trapped in extreme poverty often work long, grueling hours in dangerous, unregulated conditions but still cannot earn enough income to adequately support themselves and their families.

This year’s theme calls for universal access to decent work and social protection as a means to uphold human dignity for all people, and to emphasize that decent work must empower people, provide fair wages and safe working conditions, and fundamentally recognize the inherent value and humanity of all workers. Similarly, universal social protection is urgently needed to guarantee income security for everyone, prioritizing society’s most vulnerable members. The theme is also a call to political leaders and policymakers to use human dignity as the guiding compass in all decision-making processes, to ensure the advancement of fundamental human rights and social justice over the pursuit of corporate profits.

Strong global partnerships between governments, businesses, and civil society organizations are vital to achieving equitable development and ensuring no one is excluded or left behind. Therefore, this year’s observance is a chance to stand in solidarity with people living in poverty, truly listen to their daily struggles, and renew commitments to create a just economy focused on protecting human and environmental wellbeing over maximizing financial gains. The ultimate goal is to eliminate poverty entirely by creating the conditions for everyone to live with dignity.

Details available in the concept note [PDF]


In a world characterized by an unprecedented level of economic development, technological means and financial resources, that millions of persons are living in extreme poverty is a moral outrage. Poverty is not solely an economic issue, but rather a multidimensional phenomenon that encompasses a lack of both income and the basic capabilities to live in dignity.

Persons living in poverty experience many interrelated and mutually reinforcing deprivations that prevent them from realizing their rights and perpetuate their poverty, including:

  • dangerous work conditions
  • unsafe housing
  • lack of nutritious food
  • unequal access to justice
  • lack of political power
  • limited access to health care

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Related organizations and information

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🌟 Important Announcement! 🌟

🌟 Important Announcement! 🌟

On October 13th, starting from midnight, Xbaar invites you to undergo free testing for HIV and Hepatitis C using express tests. This is your opportunity to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones!

What we offer:

✅ Anonymous and swift testing.

✅ Professional counseling.

✅ Free distribution of condoms and lubricants for your safety.

We believe that health is our wealth, and with these tests, we take the first step in caring for it. Join us on October 13th and don’t miss the chance to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Share this vital information with your friends and family. Don’t miss this event!

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Adaptation of Ukrainian refugees living with HIV in Estonia I Адаптація українських біженців, які живуть із ВІЛ, в Естонії

Adaptation of Ukrainian refugees living with HIV in Estonia

We are pleased to inform you that with the support of the American Embassy in Estonia, our organization has created a separate direction focused on Ukrainian refugees living with HIV and their loved ones. The goal is to provide comprehensive psychosocial support to Ukrainian refugees living with HIV and facilitate their successful integration into Estonian society.

The main methods of our work are consultations, clarification and transfer of information, assistance when contacting various government agencies, and support in solving social issues.

We offer the following services:

  • Information consultations and support in resolving various administrative issues: (receipt of documents; registration of place of residence; registration in various government agencies and portals; assistance in finding a job; training in digital skills)
  • Accompaniment in obtaining social and medical services from other specialists.
  • Assistance in communicating with government and medical institutions (we provide services in 4 languages: English, Estonian, Russian and Ukrainian).
  • Psychological consulting
  • Social consulting
  • Self-help groups

Another area of work will be counseling Ukrainian refugees who are not HIV-positive on issues of prevention and testing for HIV and hepatitis C.

We offer a client-oriented approach, when the client receives all the necessary specialist services in one place.

Services will be provided in:

Narva at Linda 4 ( endine „ Baltijets “), 6. Korrus

Contact person – Olga Geisulenko , tel: +37256651213, e-mail:

Jõhvi at Rakvere tn 4

Contact person – Olga Geisulenko , tel: +37256651213, e-mail:

Tallinn at Rävala address pst 8-1014

Contact person – Svetlana Prunis, tel: +372 55680942, e-mail:

Tartu at Kalevi tn 51

Contact person – Krista Joost , tel: +372 5340 1706, e-mail:

, as well as in Pärnu and Saaremaa .

Contact person – Krista Joost , tel: +372 5340 1706, e-mail:

To receive the service, please register by calling or emailing a consultant from the city closest to you.

A consultant will assist in scheduling an appointment with a psychologist and social worker.

Additional Information:

Coordinator Ekaterina Smirnova, tel: +37255578131, e-mail:


Адаптація українських біженців, які живуть із ВІЛ, в Естонії

Раді вам повідомити, що за підтримки Американського посольства в Естонії в нашій організації з’явився окремий напрямок, орієнтований на українських біженців, які живуть з ВІЛ та їх близьких. Метою є надання комплексної психосоціальної підтримки українським біженцям, які живуть із ВІЛ, для їх успішної інтеграції в Естонії.

Основними методами нашої роботи є консультації, роз’яснення та передача інформації, допомога при зверненні до різних державних установ, підтримка у вирішенні соціальних питань.

Ми пропонуємо такі послуги:

  • Інформаційні консультації та підтримка у вирішенні різних адміністративних питань: (отримання документів; реєстрація місця проживання; реєстрація в різних держ. установах та порталах; допомога у пошуку роботи; навчання цифровим навичкам)
  • Супровід для отримання соціальних та медичних послуг у інших спеціалістів.
  • Допомога у спілкуванні з державними та медичними установами (ми надаємо послуги чотирма мовами: англійською, естонською, російською та українською).
  • Психологічне  консультування
  • Соціальне консультування
  • Групи самодопомоги.

Іншим напрямком роботи буде консультування українських біженців, які не є ВІЛ-позитивними, з питань профілактики та тестування на ВІЛ та гепатит С.

Ми пропонуємо клієнтоорієнтований підхід, коли клієнт отримує всі необхідні послуги спеціалістів в одному місці.

Послуги надаватимуться у:

Нарві за адресою Linda 4 (endine „Baltijets“), 6. Korrus

Контактна особа – Ольга Гейсуленко, тел: +37256651213, е-пошта:

Йихві за адресою Rakvere tn 4

Контактна особа – Ольга Гейсуленко, тел: +37256651213, е-пошта:

Таллінні за адресою Rävala pst 8-1014

Контактна особа – Светлана Прунис , тел: +372 55680942, е-пошта:

Тарту за адресою Kalevi tn 51

Контактна особа – Кріст Йоост, тел: +372 5340 1706, е-пошта:

, а також у Пярну та на Сааремаа.

Контактна особа – Кріст Йоост, тел: +372 5340 1706, е-пошта:

Для отримання послуги просимо зареєструватися, зателефонувавши або написавши на електронну пошту консультанту з найближчого до вас міста.

Запис до психолога та соціального працівника відбувається через консультанта.

Додаткова інформація:

Координатор Катерина Смирнова, тел: +37255578131, е-пошта: