ILGA-Europe conference

This year’s ILGA-Europe conference was held in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana from 25 to 28 October under the theme “Going Back to the Moment”.

Representatives of Estonian communities, including the Estonian Network of PLHIV, joined the conference in order to define the sustainability of the ILGA-Europe movement in the discussion. Conference 2023 #Coming back together #The event is held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar  #We look forward to all of our friends and activists exploring how to meet the challenging goals this broad European movement has taken upon itself. This year’s conference is built around the theme; “Rising to the moment”. It will allow us to continue to find new and successful ways to make political and social change in our countries in the region.” We are at a moment in history which is complex and is changing the way LGBTI activism happens. As LGBTI people are repeatedly targeted and instrumentalised as scapegoats by anti-democratic and anti-human rights forces, our communities are made more fragile, and the work of the LGBTI movement has become even heavier in too many places. And yet amidst these turbulent times, activists continue to find new and successful ways to make political and social change in their countries and in the region. From finding new ways to organise and work together, through filling gaps created by unresponsive governments, to all the many shifts in the right direction powered by our movement. We must remember that we are a force to be reckoned with. That we have already been shaping the world, and we’re going to continue this great and important work.

For that, and many other reasons, at ILGA-Europe, we are thrilled to be able to bring our movement together in one space again. We know how important it is for us all at this moment in time, and how much we need to experience connection, solidarity and inspiration, with and from each other.

Over these few days together, we will remind ourselves that we are passionate about this work, we take care of each other, and that we gain personal strength from the work we do, because it is about real change for real people. We will also show, as we have since the beginnings of our movement, that we are rising to the moment.“