On the eve of International Women’s Day, EHPV gave an open session in Narva, which refers to HIV prophylaxis. The event was organized by a young female team – Sexties, which do not remain indifferent to sexual education among local youth. During the session we discussed the history of HIV, ways of transmission, symptoms, treatment and also we touched the ways of prevention, and in particular new ones – PrEP and PEP.

To discuss future collaboration or just discuss the issues of HIV-infection, please send PM @ KulbaevSagib.

Those who are wishing to attend next Sexties’ events in Narva, please contact to (Instagram)

World AIDS Day

This year Estonian Network of PLHIV celebrates World AIDS Day for the 14th time.
On that day, we remember everyone who died of AIDS and gather all those who need our support. Unfortunately, today we still cannot say that AIDS is defeated.

In his message to World AIDS Day, Winnie Byanyima, UNAIDS Executive Director and United Nations Under-Secretary-General, talks about the role of communities in their daily struggle:

I believe in communities.

Communities make change happen.

Communities are the best hope for ending AIDS because communities have fought against HIV right from the beginning! 

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HIV and Your Body – Going to full 360

During September 25-26, the EHPV team attended the conference: HIV and Your Body in Amsterdam. Doctors, nurses, NGO representatives, activists and many others shared their countries’ experience. There were 330 participants from near and far abroad.
Despite the economic and social differences between the countries, the experience of the participants showed that there are common problems. Participants noted that the efforts of physicians to solve all problems related to physical health are not enough. Besides everything, patients require social and legal support, which they are deprived of in most cases.

The problems of lonely elderly people were raised, and even in their relatively good physical condition; issues of migrants, and their legal and social aspects; problems of teenagers etc. Despite all good physical well-being, all these people were united by their incapacity of mental state, which in many cases led to sad consequences. Mental health of the patient was one of the main topics of discussion, and the represented practical experience showed us how work better with the patient.

The conference was held under the Going to full 360 logo and represented information and practical skills showed us that we are moving towards this goal and until we reach it, we will not stop !!

Join in the Global Men’s Health and Rights Survey


On September 4th 2019 was launched fourth global survey on the health and human rights of gay men, bisexual men and other men who have sex with men.
The 2019 Global Men’s Health and Rights Survey (GMHR 2019) focuses on factors that impact the health of gay and bisexual men around the world including discrimination, access to services, and the criminalization of homosexuality. The survey also addresses issues of mental health, freedom of gender identity and expression, and social connection and wellbeing which have all shown to be indicators of broader sexual health.

We are “online” !

Estonian Network of PLHIV (EHPV) offers online consultations for gay and bisexual men, other men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender people (TG), PLHIV, and their partners to increase your awareness of HIV and hepatitis C, its treatment, and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Also, we are here to increase your access to testing and treatment as well as mental and social assistance.
Let’s fight stigma and discrimination towards gay and bisexual men, MSM, TG, and PLHIV together! We are here because we care!

Мы “online” !

Эстонская сеть ЛЖВ (EHPV) предлагает онлайн-консультации для геев, бисексуальных мужчин, и других мужчин, имеющих секс с мужчинами (МСМ), трансгендерных людей (ТГ), ЛЖВ и их партнеров, чтобы повысить осведомленность о ВИЧ, гепатите C и других венерических заболеваниях, а также о методах их лечения.


Кроме того, мы здесь, чтобы расширить ваш доступ к тестированию и лечению, а также к психологической и социальной помощи.
Давайте вместе бороться со стигмой и дискриминацией в отношении геев, бисексуальных мужчин, МСМ, ТГ и ЛЖВ! Мы здесь, потому что мы заботимся!


Panel discussion “Impact of LGBT community migration on HIV-related health issues in the Baltic states”


Panel discussion “Impact of LGBT community migration on HIV-related health issues in the Baltic states”, organized by the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health – ECOM was held on Baltic Pride.

It was focused on the impact of migration of LGBT community members from Eastern Europe on the HIV epidemic in the Baltic States. The discussion cover the recent dynamics in HIV and STI epidemics among LGBT community in the Baltic States and in EECA as well as the impact of homophobic legislation on the migration trends amongst gay, other MSM and trans people in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the neighboring countries.

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70 new cases of HIV diagnosed in Estonia in 2019


This year, a total of 70 new cases of HIV were diagnosed in Estonia, it appears from Health Board data.